January was an interesting month full of plenty of ups and downs. After wishing in the New Years with a great group of friends, we had our one snowstorm of the year and as you know it snowed almost the entire next week and we at Parkway Subaru were closed for it as well.

We opened back up on Saturday but not much was happening. Then the eighth of the month rolled around, and I hadn’t sold any cars. I was starting to get a little nervous but was doing my best to remain calm and confident.

By the 15th I had only sold 2 cars, but the fact that I wasn’t the only one made me feel a little better. Plus, I had so many people around me encouraging me both at work and at home. After the 15th things started rolling, I guess the people who were planning on coming earlier in the month still came in and one after another I started selling and I ended the month with 13 cars sold.

I learned a lot for the month of January, probably most importantly: It is not worth it to come in on your day off. I was getting nervous during the middle of the month, so decided I was going to work every available day possible because that made the most sense to me. What I didn’t know is that working six days a week is exhausting and not always effective. It can also be frustrating to other salesmen when you come in on your day off because you are then potentially getting more opportunities than they are. It is clear to me now that I need rest, and I need to forget work on my day off.

In a sales job, especially when you are behind, you think about work constantly, and I am learning to get better at completely forgetting it on my day off so that I can be rejuvenated and ready to go for the next day.

Something else I learned is to never dismiss any encounter or person you talk to. Everyone is an opportunity! There are so many times when it is easy to judge someone by the car they drive up in, the clothes they are wearing and how they present themselves, which I honestly did a few times this month.

A couple days later, I saw these very same people leaving in a new car sold by another salesman. Though there were a few times this month where I was on the other side of this story and got to sell cars to people that no one else would talk to. Whether someone shares their life with you and spends hours showing interest in a car or if they just stop by and ask for a card, treat everyone the same.

Finally, one thing that everyone can learn more of no matter how successful you are is that positivity always wins, having your mind in the right place can really change so much about you and impact the people around you!

Ready to conquer another month!